Simple Timber Planter Blocks

Reclaimed Wood Planter

There’s a certain appeal for something so simple, and yet still defined.

The story of what is essentially now just a simple block of wood starts with a tree that sprouted to life in the thick of a Wisconsin forest well over 200 years ago.  This old growth Douglas Fir grew to towering heights in a completely natural environment, earning scars from the yearly battles winter would bring only to be followed the blistering heat of a Midwestern summer.  On a farm, not so far away, a growing family needed a new barn for their livestock and hay.  One fateful spring day, this tree was chosen for its height and straightness to become a piece of the backbone of a barn that would go on to weather over 100 years of service.

As years went on, this beam stood unwavering, even as the shell of the structure around it began to inevitably succumb to nature.  Going to battle one last time with a fierce spring storm proved the final blow for a tired worn down barn, but inside its crumbled exterior stood a couple of old growth beams, cut by hand, milled by hand and having stood through generations of service now just begging for a chance at a new purpose.

Some would go on to become the legs of beautiful dining tables, some resized and reused as beams in gorgeous lofts, but this little left over piece would go on to find steady work doing what it has always done best, providing shelter and nurturing life once again.

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Reclaimed Wood Planter Reclaimed Planter Block Reclaimed Planter Block